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About Us

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Our Vision

We believe in a clean and happy future, and we see new forms of transportation as the key to that future. We want to empower individuals to be able to explore their environment in a clean and easy way, while most importantly having fun! Farbike has become a leader in offering our customers the latest forms of alternative transportation at prices everyone can afford.

The FarBike Difference

When you buy from us you join the FarBike Family and we treat you like one of our own. At Farbike.com we pride ourselves on a great customer experience as long as you own your electric bike, scooter or moped. We have found the highest quality electric bicycles and electric scooters at prices no one can beat. We offer lifetime tech support, and parts available for as long as you own your e-bike or scooter. 

Our Story



FarBike's owner and operator Eric Lindhart believes in a clean future. He says it is simple, "Save money and save the environment" If it is less expensive then it uses less resources and is better for the planet. He sees Electric Bikes and scooters as the ideal way for people to get around on pennies a day while having a great time.




Farbike has sold over a thousand electric bikes over the last 4 years, all started from our warehouse in Miami, FL.






The FarBike Electric Bicycle Shop Hialeah, FL 

FarBike Electric Bike Shop

13615 S Dixie Hwy #109-467
Miami, FL 33176


Hours of Operation:

Monday- Friday 9am - 5pm EST

Phone: 305-209-4411

-We are a mail order service only.


Enjoy The Ride!