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E-Wheels EW-36 Electric Mobility Scooter Tricycle

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Ships Within 48 Hours

Product Description


 The EW-36 is the fastest most powerful, three wheel mobility scooter on the market, and can bring you anywhere in comfort and style.  This scooter goes an amazing 45 miles on a single charge at up to 18 miles per hour! The EW-36 is unique in that it can ride down a sidewalk at 18 mph and with a turn of the speed control knob allows you to ride right into the grocery store and cruise the aisles at a manageable pace.  The big comfortable adjustable seat with arm rests makes long rides comfortable.  Plenty of cargo space allows you to bring whatever you need with you, and then pick up what you need at the store.  

 This electric scooter has amazing features for the price.  A powerful motor, long range battery and three powerful drum brakes with ABS makes this a safe, reliable and fun way to get around town.  A full suspension keeps you comfortable and the wheels safely on the ground.  Two key fobs (remote controls) are included that offer remote start/stop button, and an alarm so no one will tamper with your scooter when you are away.  

It has large bright head lights, brake lights, and turn signals to make getting around at all times of the day safe and easy.  Lots of storage is provided with a storage basket behind the seat, a large under seat storage area, and lots of room on the deck between your feet for whatever you need to carry. This is a scooter to ride in style with beautiful lines, a great paint job, and 16 inch alloy rims.  You won't be mistaken for a geezer on one of these.

Check out the video below to for a closer look.

  • Shipped Ride Ready - fully assembled
  • Each Product is full assembled, and tested on EWheels track course and quality certified
  • Each product is professionally packaged, mounted on a custom wood pallet complete with wheel wells, heavy vinyl drilled banding and surrounded on all sides and top with wood surrounds.
  • Delivered to your door by a freight liftgate service free of charge. Have someone with you to help on delivery and always check for shipping damage and claim it on the shipping invoice before you sign for the delivery.  



  • COLOR: Silver, Red, Orange

  • POWER: Electric

  • WATTS: 500 Watt

  • MOTOR TYPE: Transaxle differential brushless motor

  • AMPS: 20 AH

  • VOLTS: 48 Volt

  • BATTERIES: 48 volt lead acid maintenance free battery

  • TIRE SIZE: 16”/2.5”

  • CHARGER: Smart charger included

  • SPEED: Up to 18mph

  • DISTANCE: Up to 45 miles per charge (distance varies by riders weight , terrain, road surface etc.)

  • THROTTLE TYPE: Variable speed control- Twist Throttle

  • KEY START: Yes

  • BRAKING SYSTEM: Front and rear braking system

  • DRIVE SYSTEM: Brushless motor


  • CARTON SIZE: Shipped on a pallet

  • DIMENSIONS: 61”*29”*41”

  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 280 lbs

  • NET WEIGHT: 200 lbs




  • SHOCK ABSORBER: Two rear shock absorber on the frame

  • ALARM: Anti-theft alarm





This product is shipped via freight. The product is securely shipped on a pallet to your address. The freight service will call you the day before delivery to schedule a delivery time. Your new scooter will arrive at your door in 7-12 days.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have any problems with your new bike or scooter, we will help you to get a warranty repair as quickly as possible. We have parts available for all our products and FarBike can assist you as long as you own your vehicle, so you can feel good about your new ride.

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Give us a call at 305-209-4411.


Warranty Information

Three months (90 days) from purchase date by the original owner.

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Product Reviews

  1. High Performance and a Great Value

    Posted by BobK on 14th Mar 2012

    I admit I gave a lot of thought before buying this. I was looking for a heavy duty scooter because I wanted power, speed and the ability to travel over grass, gravel and dirt. My hobby is R/C aircraft and I needed a way to get to and around the flying fields as well as doing my shopping and visiting friends. When I saw the EW-36 for less than half the cost of the heavy duty scooters I was dubious about the quality and durability of the scooter. The performance it claimed in terms of speed and range were a bit hard to believe, especially at a price of $1600. Then I got to see one in person and try it out. I ordered my scooter that night because I was so impressed. I purchased mine through activeforever.com, an Amazon Marketplace merchant. The company has consistently high reviews for customer service.

    The scooter arrived in a plastic wrapped wooden crate built atop a pallet. Even with my disability I found it easy to uncrate. The instruction manual is short and clearly written, but offers everything one needs to know and I was able to have my scooter unpacked and ready to ride in just under an hour by following the directions. The only setup required is to install the side view mirrors and to turn on the master circuit breaker in the "trunk" compartment beneath the seat.

    While the scooter is not a street legal vehicle, it does meet all of the requirements as a mobility device. However, it comes with lighting akin the cars or street purpose motorcycles. It uses a keyed ignition switch, which like a car has on-off-accessory positions. Plus it has anti theft protection and the alarm cannot be ignored. It's horn is also much like a full sized vehicle, there is no missing it as often happens with most scooters. It is very maneuverable, turning around just slightly short of its own length. Forward or reverse is chosen by a red push button beneath the throttle side of the handlebars. The throttle can be a little touchy at the bottom of its travel, being either on or off at slow speed. This takes a few minutes to get used to, but isn't problematic. It it smooth through the rest of its acceleration travel. Like a motorcycle, the throttle is twist grip style. With the lights on, there is no missing this scooter.

    Performance-wise, it is definitely the fastest scooter I've ever seen. This is a real boon when stores or friends are many blocks away. The scooter is very stable, even in turns, but I suspect you could tip it over if it was driven abusively with sharp turns at speed. Other than that, no one should have troubles with it. The EW-36 has large diameter wheels and pneumatic tires, so bumpy roads and railroad crossings are no problem. It negotiates hills effortlessly. In stores, it's more maneuverable than the stores own shopping scooters.

    This scooter strikes me as attractive, durable, heavy duty and high performance, and I expect to get a lot of utility from it over the years. It's gel-cell lead acid batteries are durable and offer excellent range in addition to speed. Just keep them charged --but don't over charge them. Make sure that you follow the instructions that come with the scooter and it should give you tremendous value.
    Posted: Amazon.com. January 12, 2012

  2. One grear scooter

    Posted by D. Lilly "D. Lilly" on 14th Mar 2012

    I had this scooter up to 25 MPH on the street outside my home. It has more power and speed than I thought when purchasing it. One one mistake was driving into a field with sticker bushes. The tires had stickers go through the tubes and I ad to replace the tubes. The tires were easy to remove and change the tubes. I inserted tire protector wrap that I found at Wal-Mart. It goes between the tube and tire and protects against stickers and such from going through to the tube.

    Fit and finish was great right out of the shipping crate. The crate was well constructed so no damage occurred in transit. The lights and turn signals are such that I feel safe riding down the side of the street.

    The storage rack and trunk space was another pleasant surprise. Lots of room for small shopping excursions.

    I called the company to inquire on a carrier rack, and the owner was pleasant to talk to and offered me some sources

    The scooter is a real eye pleaser and I get remarks along that line from strangers all of the time. For under two grand, this is one great scooter.
    Posted: Amazon.com. March 2, 2012

  3. Service problem.

    Posted by tommytomaso on 14th Mar 2012

    I have had this scooter for about five months now. The main problem is getting it serviced. I live in Phoenix, AZ, there is a service location in Scottsdale, AZ but getting the scooter to the service depot is a problem for me. You need a truck or van to transport it. They will not come and pick it up.

    My scooter is making a strange sound coming from the rear axle and the front tire is rubbing on the fender. I do not know how long this thing will last, but I have to get it in for servicing somehow. Overall, I like the machine but I am afraid of breaking down and being stranded. The scooter is too big to fit on a bus.
    Posted: Amazon.com. February 19, 2012