24 Volt SLA Mountain Bike Parts

X-treme Alpine Trails XB-300sla Electric BikeX-treme Sierra Trails XB-305sla Electric Bike

Replacement parts and batteries for the X-treme Sierra Trails and X-treme Alpine Trails 24v SLA Electric Mountain Bikes. These parts also fit the X-treme XB-300sla and xb-305sla Electric Bikes. 

Complete SLA Battery pack for XB-300sla and XB-305sla


Free Shipping Replacement complete battery pack for the X-Treme Sierra Trails, Alpine Trails, XB-300SLA & XB-305SLA Electric Bicycle. Battery pack includes two 12V 12Ah batteries wired together inside the battery box. Pack is ready to install on...

Throttle w/PAS for X-treme 24v SLA Mountain Bike


Replacement combination throttle and PAS (Power Assist System) for the X-Treme™ Alpine & Sierra Electric Bicycles. If you have a XB-300SLA, XB-305SLA or older Alpine & Sierra bicycle that use the separate throttle and PAS please search our site for those...

300W Hub Motor for X-treme 24v SLA Mountain Bike


Replacement 300 watt hub motor for the X-Treme™ SLA Electric Mountain Bicycles. Complete assembled rear wheel also available for sale. Assembled wheel includes rim, tire, tube, hub motor and wheel spokes. Search site for part #XB300SLA-422R.