Electric Bicycles Advantages & Disadvantages

Posted by FarBike on 6th Jun 2017

Electric Bicycles Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles can be an absolute joy to ride. However it is a technology that one should understand the pros and cons of owning and using an electic bike.


1. Speed - Electric bikes generally have a higher top speed than a normal bicycle with the same rider. Most electric bicycles n the United States are limited to a 20 mile per hour top speed, however the rider can pedal to make it go even faster. So this makes it easy for a novice or out of shape rider to get some signifigant speed going.

2. Great for Commuting - An electric bicycle can require little to no effort to ride. Just twist the throttle and steer the bike where you want to go. This makes it so the rider doesnt have to break a sweat in their work cloths on the way to work. Anoother huge advantage is the ability to skip the traffic. An electric bicycle can be ridden on a sidewalk, through a park or down an alley allowing it to beat the traffic and in many cases get to a destination faster than a car.

3. Easy on the body - An electric powered bicycle allows riders who are physically less able or out of shape to keep up with younger and more in shape people. We have many customers who order bikes to keep up with the grand children. E-bikes also allow for long comfortable bike rides where the rider doesnt feel exhausted of in any type of physical pain at the end. Just a comfortable ride at a pace the rider enjoys.

4. E-Bikes are cool - Be ready to ask questions to the many curious onlookers that are interested in what you are riding and how it workds.


1. Complexity - Electric bicycles have more parts than a normal bicycle, so that means more chance of something going wrong. These days the quality of electric bicycles are very good, especially what we sell at farbike.com, however whenever there is more complexity, there is the higher possibility of something going wrong. Most bicycle shops can fix electric bikes, and it is easy to swap out whatever component is faulty with a brand new one to get the bike running again. Farbike along with X-treme has gotten very good at keeping our bikes running strong for years and our customers happy with great service.

2. Weight - Electric bicycles add an electric motor, battery and controller among other things, so this about doubles the weight of the bicycle when the battery is installed. This isn't a problem when the battery is charged and the rider is using the electric motor, but it can make it harder to pedal when the battery is out of juice.

3. Batteries Matienance - It is good to charge your electric bike battery after each ride. It is also importiant not to let your electric bike sit un used for a long period of time because the battery cpacity will fall due to its chemistry. It is best practice to use your electric bike at least once a month to keep the battery in good shape. Electric bicycle batteries dont last forever, a Lithium Ion Battery will last 2-5 years and an SLA battery will last 1-2 years before the cells have to be replaced. However with good battery maitence you can extend the life of the battery for as long as the bike in most cases.

Written by Eric Lindhart 8/4/2015

Owner & Operator of Farbike Electric Bicycle Shop