The differences between the B26 and B27 Crusier E-Bike Models

Posted by John Michael Mills at FarBike on 11th Jan 2020

It's very obvious and apparent that the cruiser models of BagiBike are very sleek and aesthetically stand out.  The question that is frequently asked about these models is, "what is the difference between the B26 and the B27 models?"  Just like the B10/20 models the differences are very subtle.  The B26 features wider, and more off road, all-terrain Kenda 26"x3.0  Wide Balloon CST Tires; which gives a smooth ride over any terrain.  While its sister model the B27 is equipped with 27.5"x2.10 Kenda Small Block Eight mountain bike tires.  Other than that, both of these cruiser E-bike models are equally the same as far as specifications go.  It's more or less a matter of preference and what you intend on using the bike for.