Differences between the folding bikes

The B10 and B20 models are very similar in most aspects as far as specs.  There's very subtle differences between the two.  They both come in a premium street and all-terrain fat tire version.  Simply the B10 has a step through bar frame and the B20 has a straight bar frame.  Other than that they both carry the same specifications.  They both have 500 watt (1200w peak) Bafang Geared Rear Hub Motor, 48V battery, brake lights, turn signals, and heavy duty cargo rack.  The subtle differences are more or less just a preference.  Now the differences between the fat tire and the street tire versions are very apparent.  The street version of the B10 and B20 are geared towards riding on the street unlike their counterparts the B10, B20 Fat tire which are geared to fit wider, fatter off roading and all-terrain tires.  Now the B16 mini folding bike is in its own genre or league.  smaller, sleek, easy to fold, more portable in the sense that it only weighs 38LBS.  The B16 has different specifications than its cousin models B10 and B20.  It's equipped with 350 watt (540w peak) Geared Rear Hub Motor and 36V battery, which still packs a huge punch of power for such a small E-bike.  That's more than enough power to keep you going long distance and maintain high speeds.  The B16 simply offers more of a convenience factor to having an E-bike.