Electric Bike Guide


FarBike has put together a series of guides to help you better understand electric bicycles.


Electric bicycles can be an absolute joy to ride.  However it is a technology that one should understand the pros and cons of owning and using an electic bike.


Explanation of what makes an electric bicycle and the basic components all electric bikes have.


A few things you should know about how to properly ride an electric bike.

How to ride an electric bike

A description of how to understand the specs and how to choose an electric bike that is right for your needs and budget.


There are two common types of electric bicycle batteries. We explain the difference.


A quick 5-step guide on how to make an electric bike battery last as long as possible.


Information about our top manufacturer X-treme Electric Bikes and Scooters.


*We are working hard to put together a comprehensive list of research articles to help people understand electric bicycles and make an educated choice when purchasing a new ebike.  We will be adding new articles weekly.



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