LCD Display-Bagibike C961


Electric bicycle Display - Lcd with 9 levels 36v/48v Compatible with the Bagi Bike B10, B20, B26, B27 & B29. Free Shipping.

Bagi Bike Battery for B10 & B20 - 48v 13ah Lithium Ion


Original factory replacement 48 volt 13 amp hour lithium ion battery using high quality LG 18650 cells. This battery is compatible with the Bagi Bike B10 and B20 Electric Bicycles, both street and fat tire versions. Unique set of keys included. XLR...

Tire B27


Tire for B27 model, Kenda 27.5" 2.1 Small Block

Tire B26


Tire for B26 model, Kenda27.5" 2.1 Small Block

Tire B16


Tire for B16 model, Kenda 16"1.95

Stem B26 B27


Handlebar stem for B26 & B27 models, folding, adjustable, ALLOY

Stem B10 B20


Stem for B10 & B20 models, folding, adjustable, total length 430mm

Stem B16


handlebar stem for B16, folding, adjustable, total length 430mm