The pros of the fat tire E-bike

B10 Fat/M


This gnarly all terrain E-bike is about everything you can throw at it, whether it be from deep sand on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale to the fresh snow pact of upstate New Hampshire.  I took this all terrain E-bike to places that were originally thought inaccessible to bikes or even on foot.  The benefits of having these fat tires on an E-bike were tremendously satisfying.  I pushed this E-bike to the very limits that this vehicle was made and destined for.  I first rode this baddy on a few beach rides down A1A on Fort Lauderdale when i cooked up the idea that I'll take this onto the deep sand and ride parallel on the beach side.  I thought originally that I'll possibly overheat the battery or motor, but I was more than wrong.  This E-bike took on to the sand just as much as it took to the road.   I was utterly surprised by the torque and acceleration I gained on the deep wet sand.

I then took this bike to the wilderness and hinterlands of upstate New Hampshire where I gave this durable all-terrain E-bike another test.  It was late February, the snow was over four feet in some places.  While everyone was breaking out their snowmobiles I was breaking out this baddy for another test run.  I was just outside North Conway when  I decided to unfold my B10 fat tire tucked away in my trunk of my rental.  Even though the trails on this nearby hike at Dianna's baths were not designed and most likely prohibit this.  Once again iI underestimated the fat 4 inch tires and what they were capable of.  It was a wet slick ride with the snow melting at mid day but extremely worth it.  I was still able to obtain full speed on the graded terrain and turns on the trails.  The hydraulic disc brakes were extremely useful in the sense that these narrow walking trails on granite hillsides and mountains. 

Overall I am not over embellishing this product by any means.  This is the ultimate off-road ride if you're an adrenaline junky in the  E-bike world.  This hits all the checks and boxes.  The style alone makes this model and it's sister model the B20 look aesthetically remarkable.  The B10and B20 fat tires are the best selling models of Bagibike by far.  Since I've started working at FarBike I have seen more of these test driven and bought on the floor and now finally taking this awesome gnarly machine out for myself on a few excursions I know why.  Whether it be sandy lots or rocky gravel terrain this bike conquers all of the elements like a champ.